Senior Spotlight: Teagan Ellis

Addyson Gick, Staff Writer

Teagan Ellis is a senior volleyball player at Daleville High School. She loves to play volleyball because she is passionate about it and has a huge family in it. Teagan has been playing volleyball for about 7 years now; she is a passer and sometimes a hitter, but mostly a passer.

Teagan is also part of the news and she has been doing the news for 3 years. She was a founding member during the first year for Daleville High School. Teagan liked being on the news for the first two years, but this year she finds it a little bit more challenging than last year. Her favorite thing to do on the news is doing different things and always having ideas and then doing it.

Teagan is looking forward to senior year. She is excited about Pumpkin Frolics because it sounds fun. Pumpkin Frolics is when the seniors get to dress up for Halloween and walk around the Elementary school and hand out candy. Her favorite class she took in high school was Student Publications. She would recommend this class to other students because it is very chill and laid back. And she also likes it because you can come up with so many ideas and it is a very creative class.

Teagan is thinking about college but is also thinking about the military. If she plans on going to college she is either wanting to go to Indiana Wesleyan or Grace University. She is right now thinking about studying business in college.

As you can see, there is more to Teagan than just volleyball.