About Sean Jackson

Jayden Schnuckel, Staff Writer

Sean is a senior at Daleville High School. Sean enjoys playing in band, video games, and Biology. Right after high school, he would like to attend Ball State University of Muncie and specialize in Biology and possibly study animals. He would like to attend Ball State because it has a high acceptance rate and also a low cost of tuition.

Sean’s favorite class period is 5th period. He likes this class because he is able to get his work done and catch up on other things and Sean’s favorite teacher is Mr. Shaffer. Sean also enjoys band. He started in band when he had inspiration from his brother. His brother liked to play in band so Sean decided to pick that up after his brother. He enjoys band because he enjoys playing music. Sean plays the baritone sax but he used to play the alto sax but they needed a lower frequency instrument.
Outside of school Sean has 2 dogs and a couple of cats. His dogs’ names are Princess and Zander. His favorite pet is Princess which is a pomeranian husky or pomsky for short. Sean also has some hobbies he enjoys in his free time. He enjoys playing video games such as Apex and Rainbow 6. He started playing games because he “is a different breed”. Sean also has a job. He works at the Subway by McDonald’s on 67 in Daleville. Whether he likes the job or not, he is still getting paid and we all like money. This is who Sean Jackon is and how he came to be.