A Glimpse into Mr. Parks’ World

Mr. Parks is the Spanish teacher here at Daleville Jr./Sr. Highschool. He said he always wanted to be a teacher, but his Algebra 2 teacher inspired him to pursue it as a full-time job.  Mr. Parks says teaching at Daleville is like “a really close tight-knit community so you know everyone pretty much and everyone knows you. So it’s nice to have to see the same faces every day.” Along with teaching comes some embarrassing moments. A few years back, he put on a fashion show and got carried away while teaching the students about clothes. 

Outside of school, Mr.Parks lives a life full of music. One of his favorite hobbies is writing for his music vlog that he’s had since 2013. His favorite song at the moment is “Bottle it Up” by Hundredth because it is a “really fun summery song.” As well as not being a fan of country music, Mr. Parks is not a big oldies fan. Besides these genres, his music taste varies between everything.

On a more personal note, Mr. Parks has been in a serious relationship for almost seven months. They watch a lot of TV at home as well as take care of their dog, Rosy. In addition to his relationship, he spilled the secret that he is soon to be engaged. Some more facts the majority might not know about Mr. Parks is that his biggest pet peeve is people who can’t drive. “It’s my least favorite thing in the world,” he states. In ten years, Mr. Parks sees himself with a master’s degree and possibly still teaching at a high school, but he hopes to teach at the college level one day. The greatest accomplishment he has overcome over the years is student teaching Spanish with a substitute by day, on top taking a French class online by night. Overall, Mr. Parks’ life goes deeper than the eye can see.