New Daleville Girls’ Basketball Coach: An Inside Look


The Daleville girls’ basketball team has a new head coach heading into the upcoming season. Austin Earley, assistant boys’ basketball coach of almost seven seasons, took the job over the summer when the previous coach got a different job opportunity. Coach Earley has been around high-level basketball for nine years now and is excited to be a head coach and role model for the girls. 

Coach Earley expects a good season for his seniors. “You know we have some great senior leaders and I think some of the girls are going to have to step up and do some different things that they’re not used to doing. Maybe doing different roles that they haven’t filled in the past.”  Senior, Heather Pautler has individual milestone goals Coach Earley is excited to see her reach. 

 As a coach and teacher at Daleville, he strives to be a role model so that his team can be leaders on and off of the court. “I think it’s great for them to see a man after God’s own heart as well as someone who is married and has a family. I think it is good to have that dynamic here at the school as well as personally for the girls’ basketball team as they get to know my family more and more.” Not only does he want to be a role model for the girls on his team but also the students he teaches. The love of being around high school kids is the reason he wanted to become a coach. When he is not on the court coaching he and his family go to Disney with his son, Dukane. 

Even though it is unknown what the season will look like, it is looking good for the girls’ basketball team entering this season with a new coach!