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Amber McMahan

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Since I was a little kid, I have always loved cats. As of now, my family owns five kitties: Ringo, Ivy, Annie, Zippy, and Corbyn.  At one point in my life, we had eight cats in the house! Even though I think dogs are intolerable, we for some reason own Obi and Calvin as pets. Living with dogs doesn’t change how I am a 100% cat person.

There are several pets I’ve had over the years, but no animal will beat my boys, Ringo and Corbyn (also known as Wiggles and Byn). Ringo is around ten years old, and we just celebrated Corbyn’s second birthday. Both are big fluffs full of love that I call my best friends. Anyone I’m close to knows my life revolves around these two kitties.

Each of my cats share their own special relationships with each other. My own boys are neutral with one another while Annie is shy and antisocial. Byn and Zippy are best friends that love to playfully fight in the yard. Ivy is more a human person opposed to making friends her size. Sadly, the two girls in the house attack each other! Ringo often gets ornery as well. Even though some of the cats don’t get along, I still love them all.

In addition to the cats’ relationships, they spread their love with the humans in the house. I am obviously Ringo and Corbyn’s favorite person of all. Zippy is strictly my mom’s cat, considering how different he reacts towards her compared to the rest of the family. My sister, Ashlynn, basically lets Annie live with her as a roommate. Our sassiest cat of all, Ivy, favors my friend Meryck over her real owners. If you spend a day in my household, it is a given which pet belongs to who. 

These five pets have their own unique personalities and crazy backstories that I can not wait to share. Over the years, I’ve collected countless memories of the cats and even the dogs. I am lucky enough to get to document our adventures through these blogs. Living with several pets at once comes with trouble and lots of laughs.