Amber’s Blog – “Ringo’s Outfits”

The best single word to describe Ringo is unique. After ten years with him, it is safe to say that I will never have another cat quite like him. What makes him so special is his love for his wardrobe. This guy loves dressing up like a fashionista as much as I do.

The backstory behind Ringo wearing clothes originates from a homemade shawl made by my Grandma. The intention for this shawl was for my American Girl Doll to wear. However, tiny me noticed it would be the perfect fit for my cat. I poked his head through and he didn’t seem to mind. Back then, Ringo would excessively clean himself, leading to bald splotches all over his body. This made him cold all the time, so he would sleep on the register and grow to love his light blue felt shawl. 

Present day, spoiled Wiggles has a drawer stuffed full with bandanas, costumes, sweaters, and even a raincoat with rubber duckies on it. I used to hang them up on a double pant hanger in my closet with clips, but his collection grew too big. His style varies through the seasons depending on the weather or holiday. The reason he has so many is because they are made for dogs. Buying him new pieces is also convenient since you can find them in many different places. Whenever I go to Hobby Lobby I get him a one dollar bandana from their huge selection. He gets so excited when I come home with a new present just for him.

Some people may judge and misunderstand the situation, but I know Ringo enjoys his outfits. Everytime I pick him out something to wear, he attempts to stick his head through the opening. I’ve been told before that I torture him and force him into uncomfortable clothes not meant for him. All of those negative words never affect me or Ringo. I do whatever I can to keep him happy and his clothes make him happy. His own little closet will never stop growing.