Staff Profile: Mr. Crist

Laci Swingley, Staff Writer

Mr. Crist is Daleville Jr./Sr. High School’s World History and Government teacher. Some students would say that Mr.Crist is very hard working at what he does, and he cares about each and every student. He is a very hard teacher, but he pushes students because he knows what they are capable of. His favorite color is red, and he really likes Hawaiian pizza. Mr.Crist´s favorite sport to watch is college football and his favorite team is The Ohio State University. He has been at Daleville for three years. Mr. Crist really enjoys teaching US History, but it’s not on his schedule this year. He is most excited about his government class this year.

Laci Swingley

Mr. Crist never thought he would become a history teacher until he switched his major. When he met his wife (Mrs.Crist), she was going to school to be a teacher and he thought it was a pretty cool job. Fun fact, Mr. Crist was originally a math major, but then he took a history class and it made him want to change his major. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Crist served in the Marine Corps. The biggest change he has faced from the Marine Corps to teaching is accountability for other people. In the Marines, you have people to rely on and you can count on everything and everyone, but in the civilian world, people are unaccountable. Mr. Crist was in a mentoring aspect in the Marines with 18 and 19-year-olds, and he really enjoyed doing that so he decided to become a teacher. 

When the September 11th attacks happened, Mr. Crist was in high school. He was set on going to the Army, but his parents talked him out of it. Eventually, he was 24 years old and the cut-off was 26 years old, so he decided college wasn’t for him at that moment and decided to join. In the Marines he went through boot camp which was the longest training he did, then after you go to combat training, then he went to Pensacola, Florida to a school to learn about his job. Mr. Crist’s job was as an intelligence analyst. Mr.Crist is an amazing person and wants to help the people who put in the work and try to succeed.