Staff Profile: Mrs. Hardsaw

Makenna Corbin, Staff Writer

Mrs.Hardsaw is a language arts middle school teacher at Daleville Junior/Senior high school. Before coming to Daleville, she was an elementary teacher for twenty-two years. She has worked at Daleville for six years, in Kentucky for four, and in Muncie for eighteen, making a total of twenty-seven years of teaching overall. Mrs.Hardsaw attended Ball State for her Master’s Arts degree and Indiana University for her Bachelor’s degree. Her son Eli graduated from Pendleton and her younger son Shay is currently in high school and still attending Pendleton.

People might choose to work at the same school as their kids but Mrs.Hardsaw chooses otherwise. She says her kids should be independent and should not rely on their mom all the time. In the past, she would catch up with them at the end of the day when she would pick them up from school. Mrs.Hardsaw states that the commute was fun for that reason. 

When Mrs.Hardsaw was looking for a new job she chose not to work at Pendleton with her kids. Mrs.Hardsaw was looking for an elementary teaching spot when Mr.Douglas called her for a middle school position; she of course said yes! After six years of being a middle school teacher at Daleville, she has decided that she does not have a preference for teaching elementary or middle school. She did however say that teaching elementary is a lot more planning than middle school. This is because in elementary, kids need to be doing something new all the time, but middle schoolers have more structure and have to learn a certain topic deeper in meaning. Mrs.Hardsaw also states that she likes how there are no kids hanging on her all the time, and how she can have actual meaningful conversations with kids in middle school.