Staff Profile: Ms. Owens

Jenna Ferrell, Staff Writer

Ms. Owens has not only been coaching in general for 30 years but she’s been coaching at Yorktown for 15 years.  She has been a health teacher at Daleville High School for 23 years in Health education. She has one son, a senior in school, who participates in bowling.   

Teacher at Daleville, and Volleyball coach at Yorktown, Ms. Owens….  In her whole career of coaching, basketball was the first sport she coached.  She was a head coach here at Daleville but originally was just a substitute for the team but she became head coach.  Currently, teaching middle school is her main job but volleyball is an easy job to maintain even though it’s year round. Normally teachers would find it difficult to handle teaching and coaching but not for Ms. Owens.  She manages her time for everything even though it’s time consuming, she balances.  She works all week but then comes back on weekends to catch up on anything she’s missed.  

She wanted to become a teacher because of her grandma. Her grandma was a teacher for a long time and she saw enjoyment in it.  In her years of coaching volleyball, Ms. Owens has coached many, many games; the most exciting win she had was her 300th win.  She has obviously played many games but the 300th one was the most important and exciting for her.   With her being a teacher at Daleville and a volleyball coach at Yorktown, there could be some turmoil between the players but she said that’s not the case.  She’s been coaching for 30 years but only 15 of those years at Yorktown.  Every coach can have a personal opinion on positions or coaching positions. Ms. Owens states that there’s no favorites and it takes every position to count as a whole team.   Ms. Owen’s back story on volleyball and her life is very interesting to learn about.