Staff Profile: Mrs. Wilson

Kara Coffey, Staff Writer

Mrs. Wilson has worked at Daleville Junior Senior High School for two years. This year she is changing positions at the school. Last year she worked in the resource room and helped students with their homework. Now, she is working in the student services office as an administrative assistant. Mrs. Wilson worked in the medical field for over twenty-five years before coming to Daleville. She moved to billing, then to medication, and prior authorization, then she moved to being a medical assistant. 

When the student services secretary position opened up at the school she decided to make the change so she could be here with her kids. Her four kids have all gone to Daleville, two of them graduated last school year, this year one is a sophomore, and one is a junior. 

Mrs. Wilson said that things are very different since changing positions from last year. In the resource room, she helped more with students and their homework; in student services, she’s doing secretarial work. She had to do a lot of training to get to her new position and she is still in training now. She likes working in the building where her kids go to school and seeing them every day. Mrs. Wilson loved being here for Hope and Robert’s senior year, even though it was a little sad for her. What she likes most about her new position is actually seeing students throughout the day in the halls instead of being in a classroom the whole day.