Staff Profile: Mrs. Rees

Alexis Pratcher, Staff Writer

Mrs. Rees is the new guidance counselor at Daleville Jr./Sr. High School. She has two kids, Madelyn and Cassidy. Both of her kids go to Daleville and her husband is also the principal of the elementary school. Cassidy is a sophomore while Maddie is an eighth grader. Mrs. Rees has worked at the school for 7 years. Before she became the guidance counselor, Mrs. Rees was the student services secretary.

Mrs. Rees says her new job as the guidance counselor is very different from her previous job, and it “comes with a lot more responsibility.” She also says it was a big transition from being the student service secretary to the school counselor.  She likes her new job a lot. Rees loves being the school counselor, but she misses being able to communicate with the kids and also being able to see them in the hallways. She says now she feels like she can form more relationships with the students though; she can also get to know them better. 

Mrs. Rees did some interesting things before becoming Daleville’s guidance counselor. While in high school, Mrs. Rees swam and did cheerleading. Rees went to Ball State University and got her bachelor’s degree in interior design which is a lot different from the job she has now. She also got her certificate for dental assisting. She is currently attending Indiana Wesleyan University to get her master’s degree in school counseling. 

Mrs. Rees had many other jobs before becoming a school counselor. She was an interior design assistant, she also was a kitchen designer assistant. Rees was an interior designer at the Art Institute-Indianapolis. She also spent time as a dental assistant. She was also an assistant executive director at a women’s center. 

Rees says she chose to work at Daleville because of her kids. They were in elementary school and it was super convenient. Rees fell in love with her job. She doesn’t think she could ever be able to leave Daleville. She is very excited about this position as a school counselor.