New Year, New Courses

Daleville expands course offerings for 2019-2020 academic year

This year Daleville Jr Sr High School has expanded its course offerings. Juniors and Seniors now have the option to take dual credit English through Indiana University and physics. 

Expanding course offerings ultimately benefits DHS students and is one step in helping the school reach its goal of becoming the best rural school in Indiana. According to Mr. Douglas switching from Ivy Tech to IU dual credit English is a necessary part in planning for the school’s future and allowing teachers to teach a variety of courses within their discipline. 

Mrs. Crist attended two weeks worth of professional development over the summer at IU Bloomington to prepare to teach the course. Because this course is the same an IU freshman would take on campus, IU plays a much more active role in overseeing it’s ACP courses than Ivy Tech.

“It is like working for IU and not for Daleville when I am teaching this class.”

According to senior Alea Rains, The course is much more demanding and requires you to be more responsible for your own work. Katie Tate said the course requires more discussion and critical thinking about literature. The difficult nature of the course is not without its benefit. The credit earned in the course can be transferred to any university that accepts IU credits; students are better prepared for college-level work; and students are challenged beyond any other literature course DHS offers. 

Along with IU English Daleville is also offering a physics course this academic year. Physics has more math application than any other science class DHS offers; and is a balance of math and science. Although the course is new to Daleville, it is new to Doc Hines as well.

“I had to do a lot of reviewing because it has been a few years since I have taken physics at a college level.”

This course also presents a new challenge for students; in fact, this is one of the reasons why senior Griffin Thomas chose to take this course. While physics hasn’t been offered at DHS for quite some time, DHS administrators believe offering this course will be beneficial to those students pursuing science and math at the college level.