Girls Place Third in County


Shyann Murdock, Staff Writer

After a long season of practicing,  the girl’s golf team placed in the county meet on Saturday, August 17th, 2019. Emma Allen placed 5th, while Willoe Cunnington placed in 2nd; altogether the team placed in 3rd. This event took place at Maplewood. Both athletes were both very proud of their team and how far they’ve come. 

Willoe Cunnington has been playing golf for four years, and began golfing because of her mom. “My mom used to play [golf] before her surgery and it seemed like it meant a lot to her.” Willoe placed 2nd in county, which was especially exciting for her because she had never placed in the top five before. Emma Allen, a three-year golfer, placed 5th, which she was proud of. “I didn’t get the score I wanted, but my goal was to place, so I was happy.” Emma had played other sports before, but nothing like golf. She believes that everyone improved [this season] and did really well considering the challenge they faced. 

Both girls were extremely proud of their team and what they placed. “Our team is pretty young, so they’re all still learning, but I’m really proud of how everyone did,” said Willoe. Emma and Willoe both are excited to see where the team goes and they’re looking forward to what happens next.