Turning Tides of a Small Town

It is quite often said that kids today spend far more time in their rooms than they spend with people. The accusers frequently blame the Internet for this development. While it is an undeniable fact that the Internet has made today’s youth more introverted, society as a whole has begun to adopt this trend. This is exemplified through the growth of communities focused on similar likes, values, and hobbies. This trend can be traced to the Internet’s ability to bring people from all walks of life together. This is an overall positive for the majority, but the sense of community one used to feel by living in a particular town has evaporated. It is as if the Internet tore down a virtual Berlin Wall between state, national, and continental borders. One small town seeks to revive the small town vibe. It is a little town few have heard of called Daleville.

Daleville was long affected by the internet culture, creating a town with citizens as distant as the stars. Who knew it would only take one town project to bring everyone together. The central park of Daleville was recently completely transformed into a hub buzzing with activity at any time of day. I can remember, as a kid, always avoiding the park due to the negative feeling it gave. The playground equipment was rusted, and if someone drove down Walnut, they might think the town was abandoned. With the building of a state of the art splash pad, completely new playground equipment, a full service stage, and a snow cone shop the park is always busy. There are often music events on Thursdays, and various weekend events to attend. Daleville is really starting to feel like a lively town again, which may speak to where American society as a whole is headed. 

The Internet will always be there for those looking to connect with people from other places, but with Daleville being the premier small town in the area I know where I will be spending my time.