Senior Spotlight: Anabella Ray


Jaleigh McGrew, Staff Writer

Anabella Ray is a senior volleyball player at Daleville High School. She has played volleyball since she was in 3rd grade, when she started club volleyball. She enjoys playing volleyball but her favorite part of the sport is making new friends. She is a setter for are varsity volleyball team here at DHS. This year she was recognized for an outstanding award the Elite 11 award.   

After high school Anabella wants to go to college to be a registered nurse. Her favorite subject in school at the moment is anatomy with Mr. Shaffer, because she wants to be a registered nurse. She is looking at two colleges right now: Anderson University or Indiana Wesleyan University. While she is in college she would like to play volleyball either for the school she attends or for a club. 

There is more to Anabella Ray than just volleyball and school, she has two siblings. One brother which is a junior and a sister that is in 6th grade. She also has many different pets: a dog, three cats, a rabbit and a fish, but favorite pet is her cat. She loves to read when she is not playing volleyball, her favorite series right now is the Mortal Instruments. Also, her favorite artist is Thomas Rhett, and her favorite genre of music is country.