DHS Offers New Honor Societies


Jessica Simmons, Staff Writer

Daleville Junior-Senior High School now offers three active honor societies. National Honor Society has always been an all-inclusive organization, not focusing on one specific subject. In addition to National Honor Society, DHS is offering honor societies focused especially on math and science, with Mrs. Chapin being the head of the Math Honor Society, and Mr. Shaffer the head of the Science Honor Society.

Mrs. Chapin said, “The purpose of honor society is to recognize students (juniors and seniors) that have a 3.5 GPA or higher.” Freshman and Sophomores can be a part of Math Honors Society, if they meet the GPA requirement, as associated members.

Unlike National Honor Society, Math and Science Honor Society focuses on the students’ individual math or science grades. Students select topics they’re interested in learning about, and intends to increase their knowledge of the specific topics.

Mr. Shaffer said, “We hope to allow them greater opportunities to study science, travel, and recognize students.”

National Honor Society, Science Honor Society, and Math Honor Society will benefit students going on to their college career, including scholarships from $3,000 up to a full ride scholarship.