Phone Pockets Take Over Daleville High School!

Kendall Canal, Editor

For a couple years now, some teachers at DHS have introduced “Phone Pockets” into their classes. This year however, the administration has made made this a schoolwide policy. 

Although senior David Shellabarger does not have a strong opinion on the phone pockets, he does feel that he is more productive without his phone in his possession. Senior Laurynn Gooding feels that the phone pockets are beneficial for younger students but “for seniors in upper level classes they are less [effective] because in college they will not take your phone away.” However she also feels that she is sometimes more productive in class without her phone.

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In Mrs. Dickerson’s class they do use the phone pockets provided by the administration. She thinks that while the students do not have their phones they are not as distracted by text messages and social media updates. Mrs. Dickerson is confident that she will continue to use the phone pocket policy in the future. Mrs. Crist also uses the phone pockets in all of her classes except her IU English class. She said that she would like to think that the policy causes her students to focus more on the class, but it may cause more students to doze off during the lesson. Although she has had her struggles with the phone pockets, she will continue to utilize this policy in her future classes. 

Other schools in Indiana, like Greenfield High School, have adopted similar cell phone policies to improve school safety rather than to achieve a distraction free classroom.