Marching into the Future

DHS Marching Band Returns after Decades-Long Hiatus


Lily Jones, Staff Writer


Daleville Junior/Senior High School has recently brought back the marching band. The Daleville Band has not marched since the ‘80s; however, the band has gotten an opportunity to march with Cowan in Ball State’s homecoming parade.

Mrs. Miller-Carter, the Daleville band teacher, said “It’s been a goal of mine since I got here, for the band to be more known in the community, and to really make a name for ourselves, and this was a great opportunity.” She feels that everyone is doing a great job so far in rehearsals. Mrs. Miller-Carter has four years of marching band experience in high school, along with working with Hagerstown and Tri with their marching bands more recently. She feels that “it’s just another way for the music program to reach our message to our people that we’re growing, we’re improving, that we sound really good. It’s a good way for people to learn more about our program.”

Freshman and tenor saxophone player Lily Haley, said she’s “really excited about [marching band], because I’ve wanted to do marching but because since we’re such a small school, we can’t really do one, I mean we don’t really have an opportunity to because we don’t have football.” She believes the band has to try to stay together, physically and mentally, more than they ever have for this event. Lily is excited for people to know who Daleville is. 

Junior and percussionist Zach Shepler said “I’m excited. It’s something new and we’ve never done it before and just want to see where it goes.” Zach is excited for the band to play with another school and to be playing in front of a new crowd. He hopes it will get people interested in band. 

Freshman and trombone player Kaitie Denney, said this opportunity is expanding the band and hopefully it will happen every year. Kaitie admits that it is hard work and takes a lot of focus to march and play at the same time. She says, “I think it’s good for Daleville to really get out there because we don’t do a lot of things outside our normal band.”

The Daleville band is very excited to be representing DHS at Ball State’s homecoming parade. Come out and see the band’s performance on October 19, 2019.