“Barking” at the Seams


Lizzy Eber, Staff Writer

Pets bring us love, joy, comfort, and lifelong companionship. Some people, however, are not yet prepared for the responsibility they bring. Many animals, because of this lack of commitment and a variety of other factors, end up in shelters. The Muncie Animal Shelter has been over capacity for the last few months due to many strays and abandoned animals coming in. 

The Muncie Animal shelter is a no-kill facility, which is one of the biggest reasons for the over population. They are in need of supplies such as cat and dog food, cat litter, blankets, paper towels and many other pet-related items and are taking donations at all times.

The shelter is taking volunteers 18 years of age and older to come and help out not only the staff but the animals as well. In addition, they have lowered the price of cat adoptions to $10 and dogs to $30 in hopes that these furry friends will be adopted. If you are interested in volunteering or adoption, stop in between 10-12pm or 1-5:30pm or contact the Muncie Animal Shelter at  (765) 747-4851.