Athletic Boosters Host Kickball Tournament


Lily Jones, Staff Writer

The Athletic Booster Club hosted its first annual kickball tournament on September 6, 2019. Ten teams participated in the event; but the “Gym Class Heroes” emerged victorious.  The proceeds went to all of the athletic programs.

Mr. Wissel said that they decided on a kickball tournament by thinking about something that could be fun and enjoyable for everyone. The Booster Club members and Mr. Wissel wanted the community to be involved in the school. Mr. Wissel said “If they could not attend, I strongly recommend that they look in to attending next year because it’s just going to get bigger and better and more fun. We would welcome them into the fold the following year and years after that.”

Karen Finely, an Athletic Booster Club member, said they wanted to do a kickball tournament because “We wanted to get the school and the community involved in something fun and together and also to help us raise money to help all of our athletic teams.” They raise money by helping with the concession stands, the dodgeball tournament, selling spirit wear, and are currently trying to find more ways. Members must be at least eighteen years old, complete the required forms, and go to the meetings; gold membership costs thirty dollars. 

Senior Fayth Davenport thought that the tournament was really fun and thinks it’s a great idea to have the tournament annually. She would like to see a bigger variety of food trucks at the next kickball tournament.

Senior Hannah Allen agreed that the tournament was very fun. She said “I do think this is a good idea to have it annually, because it brings out a lot of people, it’s a good way to bring money to the school, and it’s a lot of fun.” She would also like to see more food trucks and more teams as well.

Senior Ashlyn Craig said that it is fun to watch the teams play. She said “I think it would be cool to have this annually. Kind of like our dodgeball tournament, so we have something at the beginning of the year and one at the end.” Ashlyn would also like to see more teams and food trucks. 

Make sure to look out for the Boosters selling spirit wear at home games and the dodgeball tournament in the spring.