National Cat Day: A Brief History


Macy McCaffrey, Staff Writer

About 10,000 years ago, cats began to stand beside humans as animal companions. Slowly but surely, they slinked their way into our hearts and became something more than just a pet. About 30% of Americans own a cat, however there are still plenty left in shelters or on the streets. The ASPCA estimates about over 3.2 million cat’s enter shelters every year. While less than the previous years, that’s still hundreds of cats without warm and loving homes. 

National Cat Day was founded in 2005, Oct 29th by animal enthusiast Colleen Paige. Along with founding National Cat Day, National Puppy, Mutt, and Dog Day have also found their place on our calendar thanks to Colleen. Colleen founded National Cat Day in honor of our cat companions, and used it as a day to give people the opportunity to volunteer or donate to their local animal shelter. 

Every October 29th, cat lovers from around the country gather to appreciate their feline friends and spoil them (more than they already do). National Cat Day is also a great opportunity for those looking for a new pet. Perhaps instead of buying from a breeder online, consider adopting from your local animal shelter and save a cat today! Not in the market for a feline friend but still wish to support your local animal shelters? Consider making a donation; many non-profit organizations rely on donations from the public to keep their shelters and continue their life-saving work.

Local Animal Shelters: 

Country Critters Veterinary Hospital

The Animal Protection League Inc., Indiana

Muncie Animal Shelter

Indianapolis Animal Care Services